A control unit
especially designed
for commercial vehicles

Up to 25% savings
on your fuel costs

Significant reduction
of harmful emissions

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Download our brochure

Highest fuel costs economy
for small and large commercial vehicles !

DGM (Diesel Gas Management) is an electronic control unit to convert diesel engines from commercial vehicles into diesel-gas-mixtures vehicles.

This innovative Dual-Fuel system is officially approved and represents real savings in running costs for operators of logistics parks and vehicle fleets, while allowing more environmentally friendly driving.

60% lower particulate mass

Due to the "hybrid combustion" of the two different fuels, the combustion process in the cylinder becomes more homogeny, which reduces emissions of fine particulates up to 60% and of nitrogen oxides up to 25%.

8-10% less CO2

Concepted and developed over a period of more than 3 years (in partnership with the German Ministry of Transport and TÜV Rheinland), the DGM is currently the only diesel-gas system officially approved and recognized by the German authorities. (10/2013)

Depreciation & savings

The financial benefit comes from the reduction in fuel costs through the use of CNG/LNG. The DGM system provides maximum flexibility and up to 25% increased range.

The DGM unit actively reduces the injected diesel quantity.

It shares you excellent fuel economy without affecting driving habits.

Depreciation of the overall installation within the first 12 months (Depends on annual mileage and gap price between D and CNG).

Benefit example for a Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDI *

Gross vehicle weight
DGM on Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDI

Diesel L/100 km
Initial diesel consumption 11,50 L

DGM L/KG/Energie/100KM
Diesel consumption 5 L
CNG/LNG consumption 4 Kg
Diesel  »  45%
Gas  »  55%

≥ 5€ / 100KM

* Average value of fuel prices depending on countries and reflecting on the saving results.

Benefit example for a Mercedes ACTROS 1942 Euro6 *

Gross vehicle weight
DGM on Merc. Actros 1942 Euro6
44 Tonnes
Deliveries and long distance traffic

Diesel L/100 km
Initial diesel consumption 32,50 L

Diesel consumption Under 15 L
CNG/LNG consumption 15 Kg
Diesel  »  45%
Gas  »  55%

≥ 8-10€ / 100KM

* Average value of fuel prices depending on countries and reflecting on the saving results.

Operating principle

The DGM unit takes into account the actual Diesel injection time of the original vehicle control unit. It uses this values as the base for its calculations.

It actively reduces the amount of diesel injected, compares the energy ratio removed and compensates by injecting the appropriate amount of CNG/LNG via the gas injection rail into the engine.

All while respecting the power and nominal torque recommended by the manufacturer at each operating point of the engine.


After extensive testing phases during the system development on the test benches, our engineers have noted significantly reduced mechanical stress in a thermodynamic state of the engines, compared to pure diesel mode alone. In other words, the lifetime of your engine is protected.

An indicator in the cab of the vehicle shows the driver how much gas is left in the tank.

The vehicle's functionality is under any circumstances insured (e.g. empty gas tank) as drive in pure diesel mode is always given.